The Conscious Kid

We are excited to announce that 50% of all sales from the weekend of 6/5/2020 will be donated to The Conscious Kid's Anti-Racist Children's Books Education Fund. 

"The Conscious Kid is an education, research and policy organization dedicated to reducing bias and promoting positive identity development in youth. We partner with organizations, children’s museums, schools, and families across the country to promote access to children’s books centering underrepresented and oppressed groups". 

Laura the owner & founder of Lane 51 Boutique shares why she chose to support The Conscious Kid. "At Lane 51, we aspire to be an advocate for change.  We see the world around us and we know we can do better.  Educating ourselves and our children on race and racism is not only important but necessary.  As a mother to (an almost) 6 year old I know how important and sometimes difficult having these conversations can be.  Children's books are a wonderful tool to counter racial bias, introduce diversity and initiate change.  These conversations need to be happening at home, in schools and in our social groups. 50% of your purchase this weekend will be donated to assisting The Conscious Kid to get books into classrooms that support conversations on race & racism, highlight activism and empower our youth to make change".

Below are some resourceful links to learn more about The Conscious Kid and their efforts.