Your Road to Style -- An Interview Series

Your Road to Style -- An Interview Series

Meet Anna Hinkle -- Social Media Mentor & IG Mama Friend

1. What does the word style mean to you? To me, style goes deeper than what you’re wearing. Not only is it how you express yourself to the world in the form of clothing, but it can also bring forward your inner self confidence if you let it!

2. How would you describe your personal style? - Since becoming a mom, it’s left me uncomfortable in my skin many times. As the years go by and I feel more confident in myself again, it’s allowed me to acknowledge and accept the styles I love, which are classic and casual. I used to think it had to be more than that, but it really doesn’t! Owning what I like versus what I think I should like has allowed me to feel more comfortable in my new skin.

3. Now that you’re a work from home mom, how do you incorporate style into your daily routine? - When doing the at home mama hustle, some days it feels like a chore to incorporate style, but there is never a day I regret making a little bit of an extra effort. My favorite way to incorporate style is by adding on some trendy accessories. This can really amplify what could be looked at as a really basic, casual outfit. Wearing leggings? Throw on a denim jacket vs a hoodie, put on a fun scrunchie or cute hat, then slip on some trendy sneakers and you’re all set to be comfy chasing the kiddos. These all help me embrace my style, but in a more realistic way that’s comfortable for my day to day!


4. As a boy mom, how important is it for your sons to have their own personal style? - The older my eldest son gets, the more opinions he has on his clothes. Some of his favorite shirts inspire his imagination to soar into pretend play. His imagination is so fun and creative, it truly is constantly inspiring me to think outside the box! I think allowing him the space to be happy, confident and comfortable in his style will lead him to step into his truest self as he gets older. As for the baby, I still get to dress him now I want… for now!

5. What are three must-haves every woman needs in her closet?  - A crisp white tee/tank, comfy, yet cute sneakers, denim that fit you in the size you’re in right NOW. It’s literally my uniform! 

6. Who/what inspires you? - I've been surrounded by stylish women my entire life. My grandma was always dressed to the nines, as was my mom… and both were stay at home moms! Though our styles are different and times have changed in a sense of just how dressed up we get, it really taught me that making that extra effort can make you feel a little more like yourself in the day to day of motherhood.

7. What’s one of your favorite things about being a blogger/influencer? - Influencers kind of had a bad rep in the past by pushing products/things that they don’t necessarily believe in. I’ve been trying to change the narrative and be honest in my story and try to use my influence for good too. This is one of the many things that inspired my page Honestly, Mama, which is a community of women coming forward to share their honest stories of motherhood. 

And of course, the connections and friends I’ve made from being in this space. Isn’t it wild we are making friends on the internet these days?! I love it! 

8. Have you experienced imposter syndrome?  If so, how do you handle it?Of course I have! I like to talk things out. I gotta get those feelings off my chest and it usually makes me feel a lot better. But, also just taking a break from the screens and reminding myself why I started usually helps refocus me.

9. What advice would you give your younger self on life, love & style?Oh gosh, I would tell myself it’s all going to work out the way it’s supposed to. And to just trust the process of all the experiences because they are shaping you into the person that you’re meant to be.

10. Share something that people might not know about you…I’ve been helping small businesses with their social media for 13+ years in some shape or form. If you ever need help with your Instagram, let’s chat! 

Instagram Handle: @Anna__Hinkle & @HonestlyMama_


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